How do we get Holy Water in the times of Corona virus?

Q: Where do I get holy water?
A: Bring your own water bottle to Mass or the office.
Until we are able to provide holy water in the fonts, and in the back of the church, Fr. Frank will bless the water you bring to church before the end of Mass.

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Q: Why Catholics use holy water?
A: Water is an ancient symbol of life and purity, used by many scriptural rituals and analogies (see Ex 40:12; Is 12:3). Holy water is thus a sacramental that recalls the sacrament of Baptism and its cleansing effects. Catholics bless themselves with it while making the Sign of the Cross whenever they enter or exit a church. It may also be sprinkled on objects when they are being blessed.

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Q: Do Catholics think there is some kind of magic in holy water?
A: Of course not. But they know that even ordinary water, when joined to the prayers of the Church, can be a powerful source of divine blessing, just as God healed Naaman in the Jordan waters.