Penance Service

Why do we need a an Advent Reconciliation  Service?

The Church reminds us that Advent is a joyful expectation that we share with the Prophets, Patriarchs, with Mary, and with John the Baptist, awaiting the imminent coming of God Incarnate.

Advent Joy - Today Daily Devotional

However, this joyful expectation requires readiness and preparation on our part. Hence, the need for the penitential graces through our active participation in the celebration of the Holy Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation. This way, Advent is just like Lent, a season of purification, renewal, and transformation. It is about our humble acknowledgment that we are sinners in need of God’s healing and forgiving grace. One may therefore rightly argue that Advent joy is a fruit of penance.

It  is there essential that the meaning of Advent is not lost in all the commercials of shopping, decorations and parties that our secular culture tends to associate with this Season. Our goal throughout this Season of Advent is to become Saints, to which God calls us. Saints like Saint Theresa of Calcutta or Saint Francis of Assisi are great models to ponder as we advance towards sainthood according to our own life circumstances. May our Advent Reconciliation Service be a life-changing opportunity for each of us as we encounter the God of mercy, healing and peace. May Jesus our Lord and Savior come quickly and fill us with the joy, the peace, and the true beauty of Advent. AMEN.