Seven Sorrows of Mary

As we meditate on the sufferings of Christ throughout Lent, it is hard not to think about the Stabat Mater, the Sorrowful Mother. Everyone can sympathise with the pain of someone watching a loved one suffer terribly, especially if the suffering one is your child. The Scripture tells about the sufferings of Mary in different moments of Jesus`s life:

1) The Prophecy of Simeon (Luke 2: 34-35)

2) The Flight into Egypt (Matthew 2: 13-21)

3) The Loss of Jesus for Three Days (Luke 2: 41-50)

4) The Carrying of the Cross (John 19: 17)

5) The Crucifixion of Jesus (John 19: 18-30)

6) Jesus Taken Down from the Cross (John 19: 39-40)

7) Jesus Laid in the Tomb (John 19: 39-42)


The Catholic Church has practiced the devotion to Seven Sorrows of Mary at least since 13th Century. 

Reflecting, praying and contemplating with Mary is another way to prepare ourselves to the mystery of Christ`s death and Resurrection. Come join the Legion of Mary in praying the Chaplet of Seven Sorrows every Thursday during Lent (except for Holy Thursday) after 8 am Mass in the Chapel.