Sister Marie 05/22

Sr. Marie will be displaying religious items for our parishioners to take home for a donation. This is a letter from Sr. Marie:

Greetings to you in the name of the Lord. I pray this finds you well. I am Sr. Marie Therese Dondja, a Franciscan sister from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I belong to the congregation of the sisters of St. Francis of Assis of Tshumbe. I am a student at St. Leo University in Florida. I would like to let you know that any money that will come from these religious items will help my Religious Order to build an extension of our orphanage where we can not only house orphans but also women after traumatic events of civil war. This building will offer an ideal setting for education, counseling, and various spiritual exercises.

Thank you so much in advance on behalf of the so many orphans and the poor under the care of the Franciscan sisters of Tshumbe. With best wishes and God’s blessing.


Yours in Christ,

Sr. Marie Therese Dondja

If you would like to make a check out for a donation– please make it out to MHNJ and put in the memo Franciscan Sisters of Congo.