What Mass will look like during this time of transition

We know that everyone is missing their parish family, and cannot wait until we can all be united together at the Supper of the Lord. In order for us to bring everyone back, we have to have a few changes on how we come together for Mass.

General Provisions:

  •  Anyone who is ill, has respiratory conditions, or as at a greater risk should not participate in public Mass during this phase. You have been dispensed from the obligation to attend Mass per Bishop Parkes.
  •  Hand sanitizers are at all entrances of the church, please use them as you enter and leave the church
  •  Parishioners are encouraged to bring your own hand sanitizers and face coverings
  •  We will not have hymnals and missalettes in the pews for everyone’s safety
  • We will need to stay at 25% capacity– we will leave every-other pew open for social distancing
  • The faithful are asked to remain 6 feet from each other at all times– this includes lines to Holy Communion
  •  If we have too many people in the church, you may be asked not to come in– so we may maintain a safe
    environment for all people.
  • Families do not have to adhere social distancing, and will be able to sit together.
  • We will limit the restrooms to only 2 people to be able to use at a time.
  • We will need to maintain social distancing, and leave a pew between groups of people. Also, we will need to
    maintain a safe distance during the reception of Holy Communion.
  • Eucharistic Ministers will be asked to wear face masks to distribute Holy Communion
  •  We will have baskets for you to place your offertory in at the entrance and middle of the church
  • We ask that you enter, and exit the church orderly and keep safe distances at all times
  •  Offertory procession is omitted
  •  The faithful will not hold hands during the Our Father
  • The invitation to exchange the Sign of Peace will be omitted
  • The faithful should remove face coverings before receiving Holy Communion
  • The faithful should receive Holy Communion in the hand
  •  The Precious Blood is not to be distributed to the faithful