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Saint John Vianney

Posted by Mrs Oksana Zagorodniuk on 8/04/20

Every portrait of St. John Vianney that I could find online exudes light, warmness, and kindness. Thin smiling face framed by silver hair looks like a face of a grandpa about to pick up a grandchild.

"All our religion is but a false religion, and all our virtues are ... Read More »

Saint Camillus de Lellis

Posted by Mrs Oksana Zagorodniuk on 7/17/20

18th of July we remember Saint Camillus de Lellis (1550-1614). Who was he? A soldier, a gambler and a first Red Cross worker. 

His mom died when he was young and his father neglected him. He fought in Venetian army against Turks since he was 16; Served in Venetian Army ... Read More »

Saint Benedict

Posted by Mrs Oksana Zagorodniuk on 7/10/20

Despite the order of Saint Benedict being representative of one of the most famous monastic traditions in the Church, we know surprisingly little about Saint Benedict. Here is what we do know: 

Main account of his life comes from Pope Gregory's book called Dialogues, but this text does not go ... Read More »

Saint Thomas the Apostle

Posted by Mrs Oksana Zagorodniuk on 7/06/20

Saint Thomas the Apostle On July 3rd the Church remembers Saint Thomas - one of the twelve apostles. While synoptic gospels just mention his name with the other ones, the Gospel according to John gives us more information about his personality. There are three times he is specifically mentioned. ... Read More »

Saint Bernardino Realino  

Posted by Mrs Oksana Zagorodniuk on 7/01/20

One of the Saints commemorated on July 2nd is Saint Bernardino Realino     Bernardino was born on December 1, 1530 in Capri to a family of Italian nobles. He went to school in Bologna, starting his studies in philosophy and medicine, but eventually switching to law. He graduated with ... Read More »

March 12 - Blessed Angela Salawa

Posted by Mrs Oksana Zagorodniuk on 3/11/20

On March  12 church remembers Blessed Angela Salawa, a  Polish woman and a member of Secular Franciscan Order. Her story is devoid of impressive miracles, large scale conversions or high church  offices. A failure by worldly standards, her life of service suffering and humility shows us that one can ... Read More »

March 7 - Saints Perpetua and Felicity

Posted by Mrs Oksana Zagorodniuk on 3/04/20

Saints Perpetua and Felicity are one of the few saints from early days of Christianity about whom we do not only have eye-witness accounts, but also their own words. This is a moving story about two heroic mothers, about friendship in Christ that transcends classes of society, about loyalty ... Read More »