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Lessons with Saint Leo

Posted by Mrs Oksana Zagorodniuk on 11/10/20

The Church sets up saints as inspiration and example to us. Far from being spiritual superhumans, they should be regarded as our older brothers and sisters who have already walked the walk or, as St. Paul writes to Timothy, fought the good fight, finished the race and kept the faith. Looking at ... Read More »

Saints of this Week

Posted by Mrs Oksana Zagorodniuk on 11/07/20

November 10th - Saint Leo the Great, Pope, Doctor of the Church (~400-461)

Leo is known as one of the best administrative popes of the ancient Church.  He worked at length to control the heresies of Pelagianism—overemphasizing human freedom—Manichaeism—seeing everything material as evil—and others, placing demands on their ... Read More »