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March 12 - Blessed Angela Salawa

Posted by Mrs Oksana Zagorodniuk on 3/11/20

On March  12 church remembers Blessed Angela Salawa, a  Polish woman and a member of Secular Franciscan Order. Her story is devoid of impressive miracles, large scale conversions or high church  offices. A failure by worldly standards, her life of service suffering and humility shows us that one can ... Read More »

March 7 - Saints Perpetua and Felicity

Posted by Mrs Oksana Zagorodniuk on 3/04/20

Saints Perpetua and Felicity are one of the few saints from early days of Christianity about whom we do not only have eye-witness accounts, but also their own words. This is a moving story about two heroic mothers, about friendship in Christ that transcends classes of society, about loyalty ... Read More »