Abandon Our Idols

Friday March 20, 2020 

Today’s Readings (Hos 14:2-10; Mk 12:28-34) offer us an opportunity to reflect on who we are, and who God is to us. 

We are as God’s children, and God is our Creator and Father, but often times we lose sight of that reality. In the Gospel, Jesus teaches us that: “The Lord our God, is Lord alone.” Prophet Hosea in the First Reading reminds us that when we lose the sense of God, and of who we are, we fall into the sin of idolatry. Whatever in our lives that takes precedence over God is idolatry. That was the case with the people of Israel during the time of the prophet Hosea. They worshiped false idols in the land s where they lived. We have our own false gods too: money, power, addictions, politics, materialism, the list goes on. 

God alone is my hope

The good news is that God our Creator and Father is compassionate toward all who seek Him. Prophet Hosea assures us that God loves us so much, he cannot wait for us to abandon our false idols and return to Him so that he can fill us with new life of His saving grace. 

As we move closer each day, to the celebration of the Lord’s resurrection at Easter, may God give us the grace to remember our identity, that we are His beloved sons and daughters, and to know Him as our Creator and Father, who wants more for us that we can ever imagine. AMEN. 

I am with you until the end of the age” - Mt 28:20 

Peace be with you! 

Fr. Frank 



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