Christ is our Bread of Life

Daily Reflection

Friday, April 24th, 2020

Today’s Gospel Reading (John 6:1-15) recounts the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves where Jesus fed a multitude of people.

There is much to consider in the recounting of this miracle.

First, Jesus’s feeding of the multitude appears in all the Four Gospels of: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Second, by asking Philip, “Where can we buy enough food for them to eat? Jesus wanted to see if Philip, who has been present with Him from the beginning, has grown in the faith and understanding of Jesus and his mission. But Philip seems to indicate that he has yet to grasp all that he needs to about Jesus. Like Philip, our understanding and faith in Jesus is a constant journey of personal discovery, conviction, and commitment.


The Feeding of the Five Thousand by Henrik de Clerck

The Feeding of the Five Thousand by Henrik de Clerck

Third, Saint John the Evangelist indicates that “there was a great deal of grass in that place, and, so the men reclined.” This Gospel passage evokes many of the images in the Scripture, and vividly fulfills the promises as with Psalm 23 – where the Lord as our shepherd, “I shall not want, he feeds me, and in green pastures he makes me lie down.”

Fourth, at the heart of the miracle, is that the bread Jesus offers here is symbolic of the bread of life that he offers in himself. At each Eucharistic banquet, we partake of the bread of Life – the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret (1852–1929), “The Last Supper”

Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret (1852–1929), “The Last Supper”

May our partaking of the Eucharist, be our source of strength and nourishment, that we may courageously and effectively proclaim the Gospel. AMEN.

Peace be with you!

Fr. Frank


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