Thanksgiving Day is a special occasion to show our gratitude to God for all His goodness to us in every way and everything, and all around us. Thanksgiving isn’t about giving thanks for having a lot. It is about giving thanks for just having and being. Most importantly, thanksgiving is about knowing that whatever we have is gift. To give thanks is to remember where the gift came from. The gospel story of the ten lepers is a good example (LK 17: 11-19).


Like Reverend Fleck beautifully put it: maybe the pilgrims weren’t thankful because they  survived, but maybe they survived because they WERE THANKFUL!. The hard winds, the strong storms, and the deep snow which the pilgrims endured with gratitude can teach us something; that there is always a reason to be grateful for what we have and for God who gives it. The winds of our own lives may be hard, the storms may be strong, and the Covid - 19 pandemic may continue to disrupt our lives, even claim innocent lives, but this Day of Thanksgiving reminds us that GOD IS ALWAYS WITH US.

May this Thanksgiving, be the time we think more about others than ourselves, especially those in most need around us.

 Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

 Fr. Frank


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