Hope in God Does Not Disappoint

Last week on March 15th, we celebrated the 3rd Sunday of Lent. We meditated on the virtue of hope in the face of hardships. Faced with an existential threat of water crisis during the exodus days, the Israelites wondered whether God was in their midst or not (Ex 17:3-7).God heard the cry of his people in the desert and miraculously provided fresh water from the rock to quench their thirst. Fresh water was a sign of God’s constant presence in the midst of his people. Faced with an existential threat of the coronavirus in these our difficult times, many might already be wondering; ‘Is God in our midst or not’. Without a doubt God is with us always. As we journey together through the desert of life’s challenges, struggles, trials, and hardships, our faith in God is the fresh water that sustains us and will see us through these times of anxiety, confusion and distress. So, let us not panic. Let us not be afraid. God is in control. Saint Paul assures us; “Hope in God does not disappoint” (Rom 5:1-8), AMEN.
Peace be with you!
Fr. Frank
Moses Striking Water from the Rock by Nicholas Poussin


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