On Jesus` Healing Team

Meditating with Fr. Frank

Last Sunday, on July 7, we celebrated the 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time of the Liturgical Year –C

We meditated on the Gospel Reading according to St. Luke 10:1-12, 17-20, where Jesus sent out the 72 disciples with power to heal the world. Although the disciples encountered many dangers and obstacles along the way, the mission was a great success.

The takeaway is that through baptism we have inherited the healing mission of the 72 disciples.  The universal number 72 symbolizes every Baptized, all Christians. We are part of the Healing Team, sent out by the Lord to heal our world from the wounds of: hate, division, violence, prejudice, greed, poverty, sickness, diseases, drug addiction, human trafficking, abortion, pornography, pollution, wars, just to mention but a few.

In her beautiful meditations, St. Theresa of Avilla reminds us that Christians are indeed the extension of the Risen Christ in the world, so much that, Christ needs our eyes that we may see the pain and sufferings around us, and do something to help; Christ needs our ears that we may listen to the voices crying out for our attention; Christ needs our lips that we may share words of peace, hope,  unity, comfort, and encouragement with those facing difficult situations; Christ needs our hearts that we may share our love and compassion with those who are hurting; Christ needs our hands that we may share our bread with the hungry, and shelter the homeless, and dress the wounded, and clothe the naked, and embrace the lost and the lonely; Christ needs our feet that we may step out of our comfort zones visiting the sick, and bringing hope to those in confinement.

Saint Theresa of Aville

Bottom line: it is important to be remembered for the good we have done. Being a force for good is our mission in the world. The Lord is sending us out that we may share our lives in ways that are more positive, more productive, more constructive, and more transformative. The world needs us that it may heal from its many wounds. We cannot let the fear of commitment, or failure, or disappointment stand in the way. Now is the time to heal. Now is the time to commit. A stich in time saves nine! AMEN.

Peace be with you!

Fr. Frank


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