Saint Joseph Patron of the Universal Church

Today, we celebrate the Feast of Saint Joseph, spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Sacred Scriptures describe Saint Joseph as as a just and righteous man (Mt 1: 19). He is Patron Saint of fathers, workers, carpenters, social justice, and of the Universal Church.

Saint Joseph holding Jesus

There is a special goodness about Saint Joseph that we respect and revere. At a time when we truly need inspiration in our world, Saint Joseph models for us the following virtues:

1. Obedience. When the angel of the Lord told Joseph to take Mary as his wife, and again, when the angel instructed him to move the Holy family to Egypt for their safety, he did not question God’s plan. By his obedience, Saint Joseph models for us a way of embracing and accepting God’s plan in our personal lives.


2. Faithfulness. When the angel told him that Mary’s baby was the Son of God, conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit, he believed. His unfailing faith in face of challenges is what we need in these times of uncertainty as we deal with the crisis of the coronavirus.


3. Humility: Sacred Scripture and Church Tradition describe Joseph as a humble man. He humbly and selflessly committed himself to the Holy Family as father, husband, teacher, worker and unwavering protector. He unassumingly put his family’s needs before his own. May we always strive to become humble servants of the Lord, and to our neighbor.

“Saint Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, pray for us, AMEN”.

Peace be with you!

Fr. Frank


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