“Young people, lets hang out with God, more”

Beloved Youth and Friends of Most Holy Name of Jesus Parish,

These trying times of the coronavirus epidemic are not only terrifying and stressful but can easily lead many to despair - horrible place to be. Needless to say, many might even be tempted filling up the void of loneliness and boredom due to ‘social distancing’, with all kind of junk being floated around, as the alternative.

Listen: In baptism, we are all called to courageously live our faith no matter how challenging the times may be. Saint Paul teaches us: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and self-control”, (2 Tim 1:7).

Transfiguration by Raphael

My humble encouragement to each one of you is: please find quality time for spiritual reading and meditation. Devote your leisure time and enjoy it by “hanging out with God”, listening to religious music, learning about the lives of your favorite saints, praying virtual rosary and chaplet of Divine Mercy on facetime with friends, surfing through the cute Bible stories (i.e.; David and Goliath 1 Sam 17:32-51; Noah’s Ark Gen 6 -9; Samson’s victory Judges 16: 23-25; Jonah and the whale Jon 1-4; Transfiguration Mt 17:1-8; Jesus walks on water Mt 14;22-33; Pentecost Acts 2:1-31; The poor Lazarus Lk 16:19-31; Resurrection story Lk 24:1-35; the Prodigal son Lk 15: 11-32), and so on. This way, you have an effective tool to keep your hearts and minds clean and pure against whatever junk might be thrown at you.

David with the Head of Goliath by Tazio da Varallo Repro

Never forget who you are: You are God’s beloved children. Your purity and innocence are more precious that all the worldly enticements.

“And Jesus said, let the children come to me”-Mathew 19:14

Peace be with you!

Fr. Frank Lubowa JCL


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