Journey to Matrimony

Journey to Matrimony

Who Should Attend this Program?
Be it a couple where two Catholics are marrying or an interfaith couple where a Catholic and non-Catholic are marrying, this program is intended for those where neither the bride nor the groom were previously married.

What if one or both of us were married before?
Regardless of the circumstances that may have surrounded a previous marriage or marriages, it is our recommendation that the Remarriage Program be chosen if one or both of you had a prior marriage.  Click for  REMARRIAGE 2018

We make every attempt to direct couples to the program they will benefit from the most.  If the Remarriage Program wasn’t mentioned by the priest or deacon assisting you with your marriage preparation, we suggest contacting them to see if the Remarriage Program might be more suitable before submitting your Journey to Matrimony registration.

While we have diocesan guidelines for marriage preparation, it is the priest or deacon that determines which program each couple is required to attend.  With this in mind, we will accommodate you for whichever program your priest prefers, be it Journey to Matrimony or the Remarriage Program.