Parish Council

Meetings are NOT open to visitors/non-members, unless otherwise posted.

Purpose: To Act in an Advisory Capacity to the Pastor on Matters of Parish Life
Mission:  To Promote Community by Proclaiming the Good News through Word and Deed.
Goal: To Increase and Promote the Faith.


  1. Maintain and Promote a Positive and Enthusiastic Attitude.

  2. Build Community through Integration of Groups and Ministries.

  3. Work Together for the Common Good of the Parish.

List of members and the ministries they represent:
Father Frank Lubowa- Parish Administrator
Pat Sullivan – Parish Manager
Kim Paczynski- Director of Religious Education
Norma Robinson- Community Representative
Janet McNamara- Community Representative
Collyn Llamas- Community Representative
Ruben Tovar- Spanish Community
Javier Dones- Spanish Community
Debi Quattrochi- Liturgy/Outreach Ministries
Marie Brown- Religious Education
Christina Waldron- Youth Ministry
Sheila Eveland- Finance Council
Jim Grinaker- Knights of Columbus
Betty Zukowski- Legion of Mary
Rosemary Wierzinski- St. Vincent de Paul Society

Recent Minutes: