This is a series of four (4) half day workshops that are offered in the Winter, Summer, and Fall.  Each lecture-style session is presented by a Marriage and Family Therapists.

Who should attend this program?
This program is intended for couples where one or both individuals were previously married, regardless of circumstances of that marriage.  Both Catholic and Inter-faith couples (a Catholic marrying a non-Catholic) are welcome to attend.

Can we attend if one or both of us are waiting for an annulment?
Yes, as long as this is okay with the priest or deacon that is assisting you with your marriage preparation.

What topics does the program cover?
The topics covered during the Remarriage program will include: Communication; Family of Origin; The Many Moods of Marriage; Blended Families.

Do we need to attend all four sessions?
That depends. Per our diocesan guidelines:

  • All couples must attend sessions 1, 2, & 3 in order to receive a certificate of completion
  • Those with minor and/or dependent children from a previous relationship must also attend Session 4 on Blended Families
  • Couples with independent adult children may eliminate Session 4 if they wish to do so