Here are some forms needed to more fully participate in activities of our parish:

Parish Registration Form (English)
Formato de Registro (Spanish)

Sacramental Forms:
Initial Baptismal Form (English)

Inscripcion de Bautismo (Spanish)
Sponsor Baptismal Form (English)
Baptismal Formulario (Spanish)
Sponsor Conformation Form (English)
Confirmacion Formulario (Spanish)

Ministries, rentals, and groups:
Full Calendar Packet, with instructions,
Room Request Calendar Form (for recurring meetings)
– See Maria Center Map, Conference Room Map, and Social Hall Map

Room Cancellation Form

Wedding Information Form

Funeral Information Form

Volunteer/Community Service Hours form
Covered Volunteer Application (Diocese of St. Petersburg)

Website Release form

All forms should be completed and sent to the email address shown on the form, mailed to/turned in to the Parish Office, or placed in the Offertory basket.

If you have problems opening any form(s), you may need to download the latest free Acrobat Reader.
We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience as changes are being made.
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Thank you and have a blessed day!